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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Taxes

Dr. Ron Paul has made a number of statements about abolishing the income tax.  Many have laughed at him for those statements.  Some other candidates agree with him that the income tax is a bad thing, but it needs to be replaced with an excise tax of some sort.

In order to understand this position, you need to look at the foundation.  Many politicians discuss the symptoms of problems without discussing the cause.  Dr. Ron Paul attempts to discuss the cause of these problems, which results in confusion among the other candidates.  This confusion leads to strawmen arguments and ad hominem attacks.

Let us examine the claim that taxation restricts liberty.  This is a very simple concept to understand, and it can be broken down in three simple steps:

  1. You work for money.
  2. Some of your money goes to the government.
  3. You work for the government.

The more taxes you pay, the more you work for the government.  Ron Paul has said that taxation is a form of violence.  Posit for a moment that your neighbor is on welfare.  With that, this argument requires more steps:

  1. You work.
  2. Some of your money goes to the government.
  3. You work for the government.
  4. The government gives some money to your neighbor.
  5. Your neighbor has your money.

In this situation, the government has taken your money, by force, and given it to someone else.  This is thievery, which is a violent act.  Any time you take money from one person and give it to another one person, it is theft.  The federal government is not allowed, by the Constitution, to do this.  In fact, the government is strictly prohibited from doing this.

All of the other candidates have no plans to lower taxes.  The democrats, in fact, plan to raise taxes.  The only way to provide any type of socialized health care is to raise taxes.  This, conveniently, is left out of the debates on socialized health care.  Some republicans have plans to change taxes, but amount of taxation will probably be the same for the common taxpayer.

The only way to reduce taxes is to cut the federal budget.  That is the only way it can be done.  You cannot add government programs and cut taxes.  You cannot keep the current programs and cut taxes.  If you bring the federal government back to its Constitutional provisions, you can cut taxes.


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