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Symptom vs. Problems

As a doctor, Ron Paul understands the difference between the symptoms and problems.  The flu virus is a problem.  A sore throat and cough is a symptom.

These are also simple concepts.  Every person on the planet knows — or should know — that there is no cure for the common cold.  We have medicines such as NyQuil that help alleviate the symptoms of the problem.  NyQuil does not cure the cold.  Our own body cures the cold, and during that process, we use NyQuil to help alleviate the symptoms, such as a fever, to make the process tolerable.

 Most politicians are interested in attacking the symptoms of a problem.  They are the political equivalent of NyQuil.  For some examples, let us look at some issues:

  1. Islamic jihadists want to attack us
  2. Health care is not attainable for all citizens
  3. There are a lot of illegal immigrants

The fact that Islamic radicals want to attack the United States of America is a symptom of a problem.  All current candidates want to treat the symptom, by attacking other countries and defeating terrorists.  The problem is that the symptom is caused by foreign policy.  When the world resents our foreign policy, we push people to radicalism.  In order to prevent radical Islam attacks, you must first understand the problem.

Next, health care is expensive because the purchasing power of the dollar is very weak.  The global economy says that health care costs X amount of money.  If the dollar is weak, health care costs more money, so that “X amount of money” keeps growing.  Giving the government the power to control health care treats the symptom of this problem, but not the problem itself.  The end result of the falling dollar will be that health care costs too much for the government to support  — and no matter how you look at it, means higher taxes.

Lastly, illegal immigration is, in itself, a symptom of a problem.  We already promise healthcare to all persons.  If immigrants know they can get free health care, free schooling, and free money from the government, we’re not only ignoring the symptom, we’re supporting it.  In the case of the common cold, this would be the equivalent of injecting different strains of flu viruses into an already sick patient. 

 The bottom line is this: you cannot attack a problem unless you know what the source of the problem is.  This is the fundamental concept of problem solving.  The first step in problem solving is to identify the problem.  Until the problem is identified, there is no point in spending any money or time working on solving it.


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