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Net-neutrality — Why It’s Bad

I’ve seen a number of people posting about net-neutrality in the past few months and have managed to keep my opinions quiet. It is obvious that the people supporting the net-neutrality movement have no clue how the Internet works. Every time I see someone speak up for net-neutrality, it completely sickens me.

When I was 13 years old, I started studying computer communications. By the time I was 17, I had a business selling Internet services. These unregulated services allowed an intelligent, experienced, young, entrepreneur to start a business selling Internet service to customers. The year was 1993. That was 15 years ago. Fifteen years ago, few people owned a computer, let alone knew what the Internet was.

The argument today is that we should regulate the Internet providers to ensure free access. There are some serious issues with this. The first issue is, with regulation, I would never have been able to start my business. I offered a service that my customers wanted. That service was unfettered by the US Government. Enacting legislation on these businesses prevents people like me from filling a void. In my case, the void was that the Internet did not exist.

The second issue is that if the major companies regulated Internet access the way the pro-net-neutrality advocates claim, I would restart my business of free Internet access in a heartbeat. I’ve done it before. I’ll easily do it again. It is not hard to purchase free Internet access. While your residential access may be limited by your phone/cable companies, free (i.e. unregulated) Internet isn’t hard to come by. I could easily sell service to my region and compete directly with the MAJOR players by offering non-tiered service.

This is how the free market works. Just because you don’t understand how the Internet works doesn’t mean you should vote for the government to regulate it. If the government DID decide to regulate it, I wouldn’t be able to compete as an individual any longer. The costs would be too high to be profitable and I would never be able to start the competition against the larger companies to fill a void.

Net-neutrality is anything but neutral. It is direct involvement of the government in business. It undermines the very idea of free enterprise and the only people that lose are the “netizens.”

The bottom line is this: The Internet is not broken. Do not try to fix it.


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